We believe that acting as a change agent to help fill in gaps of need is more than our civic duty. It is our moral obligation to provide guidance, support, friendship, and financial assistance. While The Vision Institute Inc. is rooted in basic needs assistance, our services are built on our belief in humanity.  

One-on-One Coaching

We believe there is a connection between communication and a person's success. The Vision Institute Inc. offers a personal one on one coaching program that allows an individual to grow, work to overcome barriers by focusing on goals and dreams, and become effective at creating a life vision. Life is filled with choices; however, having a little guidance in life makes dealing with them a lot easier.

Individual Financial Assistance

Nothing is more important than a persons health. At The Vision Institute Inc., we offer individual grants for unexpected medical needs. This funding includes co-pay assistance, deductible assistance and medical bill assistance.  Please email to request the individual application for funding.  No human should have to choose food or shelter over healthcare needs.  We are here to help.

Having a relationship with current basic needs organizations in the area provides further sustainability. The Vision Institute Inc. releases annual requests for applications, seeking organizations that can meet funding priorities that are set each year by The Vision Institute, Inc. Board of Directors.  Please email to request the application for organization funding.

Non-Profit Collaborations