A Larimer and Weld County Snap Shot

Founded by Dr. Maria Medina Ed. D in 2016, The Vision Institute Inc. of Colorado serves Weld and Larimer Counties in Colorado and is governed by a Board of Directors, including the founder/CEO.  The service area covers approximately 6583 square miles with over 618,000 people.  Both counties are significantly more densely populated than Colorado, with Larimer County being significantly more densely populated than the United States.  The primary racial/ethnic group in Larimer and Weld Counties is White/Non-Hispanic with Weld County consisting of significantly more Hispanic/Latino persons than Larimer County.  Industry is diverse between the two counties.  Weld County’s primary industries are Agriculture and Mining, whereas Larimer County’s industries are Education, Healthcare, and Retail.  Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, and it is considered to be a “college town” subject to influxes of population, transiency of population, retail industry, and lower socioeconomic status of most college age youth.

The Vision Institute, Inc. fulfills the mission through providing enhancement grants to current food and shelter non-profits to assist with growing needs and through providing individual financial assistance for emergency needs and unexpected medical costs.  These mechanisms further our collaborative efforts with granted organizations and educational opportunities for the target demographics both on an individual level and an organizational level.

The Vision Institute conducted an assessment of critical needs (Community Profile) in order to identify populations most at risk; identify needs and gaps in the existing systems; identify assets in the existing systems; and better understand what people view as the highest needs in the community.  The Community Profile is the foundation for strategic planning and informs priorities for mission and non-mission work.  The 2016 Community Profile was conducted. Click here to view the full report.